Proper road maintenance contributes to reliable transport at reduced cost, as there is a direct link between road condition and vehicle operating costs. An improperly maintained road can also represent an increased safety hazard to the user, leading to more accidents, with their associated human and property costs.

The TERRAGRADER 3000 with its functionality and flexibility is under consideration of its cost performance ratio in any way the better choice compared to a commercial motor grader. This machine is the perfect solution for road construction companies.

Highly flexible state-of-the-art grader that can be fitted to a wide range of carrier vehicles (tractors, wheel loader, Unimog, truck, digger and etc).



Carrier vehicle requiredfrom approx. 5000 kg
Required capacityfrom approx. 100 hp
Required hydraulic capacityfrom about 40 l
Blade carrier and swivel chairRuggedly welded construction in A-form made of high-strength steels in L-profile
Rotating slewing rimDouble ball-bearing slewing ring
Slewing ring diameter1200 mm
Range of rotation70 degrees left and right
Bladeof wear-resistant, high-quality steel with replaceable forked cutting and edging blade
Blade length3000mm, 3300mm, 3600mm
Blade height580mm
Cutting blade height/thickness150/20 mm
Blade settings
Shifting toright/left 600 mm
Max. slope angleright/left 60 degrees
max. lift above ground550 mm
Max. scraping depth300 mm
Cutting-angle adjustmentHydraulic 45 degrees
HydraulicsLoad-sensing hydraulic control block with tronic for precise and easy control of the blade By simply replacing a valve one can also work without Load-Sensing.
FrameTorsionally-stiff pressed and welded profile tube made of high-tensile fine-grain steel.
Electric system12 V or 24 V system, depending on the carrier vehicle, integrated lighting.
Front axlePendulum axle with freely rotating wheels.
SteeringFreely rotating wheels; if requested, with forced steering from the cabin
Articulated steeringArticulated steering integrated in the mounting / attachable frame, with right / left 52 degree steering angle
Blade controlSingle lever control (joystick control) with sensitive load-sensing hydraulics and tronic for an exact metering of the adjustable speed via the control lever
Tare weight:4.500kg

Facts & Features:

  • Rugged complete-framework-construction
  • Frame steering with 45° steering lock
  • Heavy-duty front axle
  • Wheels 360° slewable
  • Rotating assembly with twin ball bearing
  • Hydraulic lifting cylinder
  • Removable wear-bar
  • Gather wear protection sidewise

Special features:

  • LED work lights
  • Hydraulic quick coupling system
  • Hydraulic steering assistance
  • Blade-wear protection laterally (only possible with new order)
  • Front shield plate
  • Preparation for laser automatic
  • Automatic shield transverse inclination
  • Blade chisel rail

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