Excellent equipment is a key element in road construction and rural road maintenance.

One key piece of equipment for almost all jobs is the 3-plate compactor. Our 3-plate compactor can be used to compact sub base and gravel on driveways, rural roads and other compacting jobs. Further our 3-plate compactor is also useful in confined areas where a larger roller may not be able reach. When it comes to selecting the right plate compactor, contractors have a few options to consider – our 3-plate compactor is most likely the best one!


Technical data

Weight:2660 kg / 5864 Pound
Working width:2550 mm / 100 Inches
Mounting:3-point KAT 3
Hydraulic motor:gear wheel
Centrifugal force:3 x 75 kN
Oscillation:30 – 55 Hz
Amplitude:2.12 mm
Compaction depth:10 – 55 cm
Lateral adjustment:left/right 300 mm / 11.8 Inches

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