March 25 2021 0Comment

SAC Considers Functional Committee Proposals

The ACPA Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) met on Monday to review Functional Committee (FC) proposals.  ACPA 2nd Vice Chair Steve Friess and ACPA SAC liaison Andy Gieraltowski (VP of Operations/IT) presided over the meeting.

“The meeting was an important step in our process to recommend FC projects the Board should consider committing staff time and funds to.” Andy said. He added, “Our member-driven process starts with Market Forums where we identify the issues and opportunities of highest priority. Staff and FCs then work diligently to develop proposals detailing deliverables to address them. We want members to shape the work of the association, become closer to it, and realize the benefit from project outcomes.”

  • The process began in December when the SAC identified the highest priority issues and opportunities from Market Forums. These were assigned to functional committees to develop solution recommendations.
  • In December and January, the functional committee liaisons developed proposals to address the forum issues. The proposals detailed a solution, scope, deliverables, duration, costs, and value.
  • Last month, the functional committees met to review the proposals, revising as needed and submitting to the SAC.
  • Earlier this month, the SAC evaluated the proposals and force-ranked them by survey. ACPA staff used survey results and known time constraints to recommend projects to pursue.
  • On Monday, the SAC recommended to the Board of Directors which proposals to commit staff time and funds to. In total, the SAC is recommending 10 projects be pursued in 2021. These will cover all four of ACPA’s markets, which includes highway, airports, streets/roads, and industrial.
  • Looking ahead, the SAC plans to meet in-person during the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting held June 22nd through 24th at the Saint Kate Hotel, Milwaukee. The SAC will review functional committee project status; review input from the Emerging Leaders Group and Chapters; and develop guidance for Market Forum content and structure at the 58th Annual Meeting.

With an eye on calendar year 2022, the member-driven process will repeat as Market Forums are conducted at the 58th Annual Meeting scheduled for November 30th through December 2nd at the Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach, CA.