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Otonomo to help Geograma advance Road Safety in Spain

Otonomo to help Geograma advance Road Safety in Spain

Otonomo to help Geograma advance Road Safety in Spain

Otonomo Technologies Ltd., the platform powering the mobility economy, today announced that Geograma, a geographic information systems (GIS) and location intelligence service provider, has awarded Otonomo a multi-year contract to provide multi-layered connected vehicle data designed to advance road safety in Spain. Geograma is integrating the granular connected vehicle data delivered through the Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform into its traffic platform and developing new road safety applications based on uniquely available extended vehicle sensor data.

Geograma’s GEOTRAFFIC platform provides connected vehicle data-based services to traffic management agencies, including traffic analytics and real-time traffic monitoring services which are deployed in regional Traffic Control Centers.

“We selected Otonomo, because they can provide the rich, multi-layered connected vehicle data our customers have been demanding for years,” said Alejandro Guinea de Salas, CEO at Geograma. “One of the unique differentiators Otonomo brings to the table is the depth and breadth of data that we can apply in our traffic management and monitoring platform that we have not had access to previously. This will allow Geograma to gain insights and transform them to deliver road safety solutions – empowering our customers and giving drivers safer roads.”

Geograma’s technology collects and integrates geodata to develop solutions based on derived insights. This includes satellite images of geo-located terrestrial panoramas, mapping, socioeconomic information, pedestrian traffic flow, city maps, asset management inventories, road traffic information and market data.

Access to a wide range of geoinformation enables optimized management, operational processes and support for decision-making in public and private sectors. The multi-layered connected vehicle data delivered through Otonomo’s platform, including detected hazard events and road friction data, will be integrated into the GEOTRAFFIC platform to enhance existing capabilities, for both historical analytics and streaming for real-time services.

“Having the right data is critical to effective traffic management. With access to traffic analysis and management capabilities, Geograma is able to provide a better understanding of traffic flow, which advances mobility and road safety,” said Ben Volkow, CEO and co-founder of Otonomo. “We’re thrilled that data from the Otonomo platform can support Geograma so effectively to create safer roads and deliver on the future of traffic management.”

The Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform provides easy access to a range of proprietary and patented mobility data solutions that power customers, products and services—from curated, high quality, multi-layered connected vehicle data, standardized and blurred to remove identifiers; to VIN-specific data compliant with data privacy regulations; and ready-to-use insights generated with proprietary machine learning and AI. Customers have used this rich connected vehicle data to:

  • Gain an unprecedented view of traffic behaviours globally to improve real-time traffic flows with an accurate picture of what’s happening across road systems.
  • Allow smart cities to manage emissions, intelligently control idling areas, optimize parking and public transport and create data-driven simulations for short- and long-term planning.
  • Manage road safety through near-real-time and historical data on accidents, hard braking or speed, in addition to weather events and road friction to identify hazardous sections of road and plan for necessary improvements.
  • Support infrastructure and transportation developments with vehicle count, average speed and origin/destination data to determine site analysis and demand planning.

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