September 09 2019 0Comment

N.Y. police disguised as workers ticket 266 drivers for work zone violations

The middle worker in this photo is actually a New State Police trooper enforcing work zone safety. Credit: New York State Police

Police officers in New York recently stepped up enforcement on reckless driving in work zones – by going undercover as construction workers.

New York State Police issued 266 tickets as part of “Operation Hardhat,” which it conducted with the New York State Department of Transportation. During the crackdown, officers mingled into road work areas and would radio ahead to an officer when witnessing a violation. In some cases, lasers were positioned in DOT trucks to catch speeders. Disguised officers also used handheld radar guns while on the side of the road.

Of the violations, 113 were for speeding, which comes with double fines for being in a work zone, and 36 were for cellphone use while driving. Nine tickets were issued for violating New York’s move over law, which requires drivers to slow down, and move over a lane on multilane highways to give workers room.  The law took effect in 2012 for law enforcement officers and emergency workers stopped along roadways while performing their duties, and in 2016, it was expanded to include construction and highway maintenance vehicles.

The New York State Department of Transportation also recently released a public service campaign to educate drivers about the move over law, which includes this video: