COMESA-USAID Program Coordinator

USAID Program Coordinator at the COMESA Secretariat will serve as the focal point for initiatives under the COMESA-USAID/KEA strategic partnership, in addition to activities related to the United States Trade Representative on the Trade Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA). Under the direct supervision of the COMESA Assistant Secretary General (Programs) and the overall supervision of the COMESA Secretary General, the USAID Program Coordinator will work collaboratively with all USAID supported COMESA Institutions, Directorates or Departments to facilitate implementation and reporting on USAID-funded programs and policies of joint COMESA-USAID/KEA strategic interest, and ensure compliance with USAID financial rules and regulations, reporting requirements, and activity development and prioritization processes.

The USAID Program Coordinator at the COMESA Secretariat will provide overall strategic leadership and oversight on non-technical issues for the USAID funded projects including the various thematic areas under the RDOAG. He /She shall be in charge of the strategic management of the projects and shall liaise closely with COMESA sub-institutions and any other divisions, unit and/or specialized institution for the implementation of their respective activities. The Coordinator will oversee the launch and implementation of the COMESA-USAID Collaboration Guidelines and in that capacity shall coordinate discussions between COMESA and USAID on aspects of the RDOAG, its Amendments, development of implementation letters (ILs), monitoring, evaluation and learning and organizing high-level joint meetings and events.

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