The TERRAGRADER 2000 flexible, light and highly modern towing grader, which can universally be mounted onto various carrier vehicles such as tractors, wheel loaders, trucks or excavators quickly and easily.
Beside the functional design the TERRAGRADER 2000 impresses with its precision and agility with which it easily by-passes obstacles. All functions are controlled with a single joystick or, in the low cost version, via the hydraulic couplings of the carrier vehicle (min. 4 needed).

Electronic system:

 Can Bus control system 12 V

Tronic with speed adjustment for lifting and slewing device

Trouble check system

One-handle control system with joystick

Emergency switch mounted beside joystick

Cable sets for mounting (on demand for multiple vehicle installation)

Special features:

Work lighting LED

Hydraulic quick coupling system

Hydraulic power steering

Sharp wear protection sideways (only possible with new order)

Additional front shield

Plate banking automatics

Additional ripper

Carrier vehicle required from 2 t upwards
Required capacity from approx. 60 hp
Required hydraulic capacity from about 40 l
Rotating slewing rim Double ball-bearing slewing ring
Slewing ring diameter 880 mm
Range of rotation 94 degrees
Blade of wear-resistant, high-quality steel with replaceable forked cutting and edging blade
Blade length 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 2600 mm, 3000 mm
Blade height 520 mm
Cutting blade height/thickness 150/20 mm
Shield displacement right/left 450 mm
Max. slope angle right/left 47 degrees
Max. lift above ground 270 mm
Max. scraping depth 290 mm
Cutting-angle adjustment Hydraulic 45 degrees
Hydraulics  Manual valve control
Frame Torsionally-stiff pressed and welded profile tube made of high-tensile fine-grain steel.
Electric system 12 V oder 24V Anlage
Front axle Pendulum axle with freely rotating wheels.
Steering Freely rotating wheels; if requested, with forced steering from the cabin
Blade control Manual via hydraulic system Carrier or single-lever control (joystick control)
Tare weight 1500 KG